Walk a Pup, LLC started with a pair of running shoes, a couple leashes and two friendly dogs! What once was an exciting idea has become an amazing reality!! Established in 2008, Walk A Pup is North Shore's best when it comes to your pet's needs. Owners, Dan and Yana Carlson, along with their team of animal loving professionals, work together with the parents of all furry companions to bring out the very best in North Shore's pets!!

As ever learning behavior enthusiasts, Walk A Pup focuses on creating calm, confident, well mannered good canine citizens. Dogs that walk well on a loose leash, do not rush through doors or across the street, greet others politely, and are comfortable within their environment. While on routine walks, socialization and proper exercise are the key components that keep your dog calm and tired. A fun social outing with positively reinforced basic obedience training, accompanied by affection and some play time, results in you coming home to a wagging tail that is happy to tell you all about their day!!!


Positive based training that is humane, fun and effective. We help you build a stronger bond with your pooch!

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With a focus on good manners, socialization, and exercise, we provide walks that your pooch looks forward to!

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Pet Sitting

Private in-home boarding while you are away. A non-kenneled vacation for your pup and a peace of mind for your getaway.

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The Pup Feature

pup_featureA lot of us like to root for the underdog. We are compelled to cheer the comeback, sometimes even when it's not our team, but especially when we're on their side! Duncan and Max were Walk A Pup underdogs.

Duncan is the older Lab/Rottie mix and Max is the 20 pound fluffy mutt that has the features of soft pomeranianesque-ish :) Max looks like you want to cuddle him, but please don't try!! He does not share the same urge to be squeezed and coddled. He would much rather play a find it game, do some push ups for treats, or do some targeting...Now...

But, when we met them, Max was being held by his parents because they were unsure of just how reactive he would be, and did not want us to be bitten. They had trouble with houseguests, walking by other dogs, and walking past people in the neighborhood. This adorable and fluffy little rescue pup would growl and bark at physical affection from his loving owners, who just wanted to make sure Max knew he was loved!

Bringing us up to date, they now have multiple human friends, an assortment of dog friends, big and little, and Max is no longer held when people come over! He may not be instant friends with everyone, but he'll walk by and may even stop for a hello, calmly and confidently! Visitors can make it through the house without being causing Max much of a threat. Best of all he now looks for affection from his walkers and especially his family! They both love their pack walks and although Max isn't all that playful, Duncan, if given the opportunity, will gladly take on any opportunity to run after a ball or play chase with his neighborhood pup pals!!

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