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The benefits of a routine walk for your dog are remarkable. Walk A Pup believes that your dog deserves the most effective and beneficial care possible, and follows a proven routine that reflects that belief. All dogs are different. Some dogs have more energy than others, some take longer to properly relieve themselves and some just require different kinds of attention.

5-10 Minutes
Calmly greeting the pup and getting them ready to get outside.

15-20 Minutes
Power walk or jog to reward to calm behavior showed in the house and expel some of that super excited energy.

10-15 Minutes
Work on proper loose leash walking and keeping attention with surrounding distractions.

10-15 Minutes
Play, wrestle, sniff and explore.

5-15 Minutes
Back home for affection, fresh water and some calm down time.

This simple method is so effective in relieving dogs of the unease and anxiety that comes from being left alone during the work day. Once our routine is established, the difference in the animal will be undeniable.

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Our Approach. Using positive reinforcement techniques, we help owners fall in love with training their dogs! Our focus is building strong, lasting bonds between dogs and handlers, by teaching trust and clear communication to achieve a well balanced, confident and relaxed pooch. We use mark-reward based training, along with positive motivators that effectively teach dogs to make good behavorial decisions while in turn, replacing the not so preferable behaviors. In addition to positive changes in the dog, through this type of learning, the owner learns ways to read the language of their dog and communicate in a way that is fun and mutually beneficial.

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Pet Sitting

When you can't take your furry pal with you while you travel, we provide a comforting, non-kenneled option that ensures your pet has a vacation all on their own. We offer several Pet Sitting packages that are desigend to fit all kinds of different needs and situations. From multiple daily visits, to private in-home boarding, we make sure you come home to a happy and relaxed pet! While you are away, we are also happy to take in the mail, water plants or feed the fishies!! Just say the word!!

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Service Area

Training: North of Boston

Walking: Salem, Beverly and Marblehead

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