The impact Dan and Yana have had on the life of my dog, Truman, cannot be overstated. When I rescued Truman, he was suffering from debilitating anxiety having been under-socialized, neglected, and abused as a puppy. Walk A Pup's compassionate, patient approach to Truman was refreshing. They took the time to understand the nuances of Truman's behavior and allowed his needs to dictate the pace of the training. They taught me how to read Truman's anxiety level by recognizing his behavioral cues and gave me tools to help Truman cope on walks and greet new people in our home. Most importantly, they taught me to enforce my role as "leader" so that when Truman gets spooked, he knows to turn to me for instruction rather than flee the situation. Though I was the one who adopted Truman, Dan and Yana were the ones who truly "rescued" him. By teaching Tru to get beyond his fears and trust his people, he is now a confident, goofy, happy dog who loves to walk and explore. Thanks to Dan and Yana, Truman is able to enjoy all the comforts his now-charmed life provides. - Beth Doehner

I have had the great pleasure of working with Dan and Yana at New England Dog Training Club for the past 3 years. The first thing you'll notice when you meet them are their kind and friendly demeanors. They will put you and your dog at ease immediately.

The next thing you will notice is the depth and breadth of their knowledge of dogs. They are true professionals, having many years of experience working with dogs, and constantly working to expand their understanding of teaching methods for both dog and human.

Dan and Yana are committed to using humane methods in their work with dogs. You will be in good hands with them!

- Diane Kurkjian, former training director, New England Dog Training Club

Walk A Pup is our dog Saffy's second family. There is no one that we trust as much as Walk A Pup with our fur baby's well being. Dan & Yana have been with Saffy since she was a puppy and provided her with training, exercise, time with her best friends, and unconditional love. Saffy loves everyone with the Walk A Pup staff (Saffy wants to give a shout out to Josh!!!) and we know they love her. They leave great notes about their adventures together and always seem to go above and beyond.

Saffy has also stayed with Dan & Yana on a number of occasions and it is a huge comfort to me and my husband that Saffy is being well taken care of and given lots of love while we are away.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Walk A Pup, they are simply amazing at their job and we feel truly lucky to have them as a part of Saffy's life.

- Karla Cassidy

After adopting our border collie Nell from a rescue in Tenn., we were looking for ways to break her out of her timid shell and build trust. Our veterinarian suggested Walk A Pup. From the first class, Nell opened up with Dan, and quickly learned how to sit, stay, walk well on a leash as well as a few "tricks." Nell was not a fan of car rides but when I told her we were going to "school," she would run to the door with her tail waving frantically! The best part of the classes though,was getting to know Nell's personality and watching her have a good time and trust us. Dan also became an invaluable resource to us as new dog-parents; giving us tips to make adjusting at home easier and being available for any questions we've had since training ended. I highly recommend Walk A Pup for any dog parent. It doesn't matter how much training your dog may need, everyone can benefit from some training classes with your pup and you may find you learn just as many tricks as they do! - Katie and Matt Katzman

Dan Carlson was exactly what we were looking for in guiding the training our puppy Bella - an energetic Wheaten Terrier. First, he employed a positive reinforcement training philosophy to engage Bella - praise and food rewards - which was very much aligned to our personalities and wishes. Secondly, he took the time to fully understand the kind of relationship we wanted with our puppy. In fact, we were relieved when he showed no judgment when we confessed that she'd be allowed up on the furniture! Finally, we quickly realized that the puppy wasn't the only one he was training but that he was as effective in employing positive reinforcement with us as he was with her. His manner and knowledge helped all of us progress faster than we expected in a fun and engaging way and helped create the wonderful bond we share with Bella today. Not only would we recommend Dan Carlson as a dog trainer, we have recommended him - many times. - Dan Salera, Michael McCay and Bella

I can't say enough good things about Walk-A-Pup. Their care for my dog and cat has been stellar! Their crew is so dependable and positive - we get a great note detailing each day's adventure. We started with twice weekly walks for our rescue dog - what a great way to help a new family member become adjusted to his new neighborhood and socialized to the Salem tourist crowds. It's been three years now and I'm so thankful.

My favorite story is when I left our dog tied up outside a local restaurant while I picked up take-out - next thing I know along comes a class of 7th graders (25!) who I hear exclaim, 'cute dog!" then proceed to pat Mickey on the head, one by one, as I watched aghast through the window. Thank you Walk A Pup, he was a perfect gentleman! - Maureen Bullock and Mickey

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